The Family I Never Knew

It is very odd growing up 4,000 miles away from your grandparents, aunts/uncles, and cousins. Ever since I was ten I have been coming to the United Kingdom, to visit my dads side of the family. This is my fourth time being here. 

The craziest part about growing up so far away from these loved ones is that every time I return, things have drastically changed. Whether it be the health condition of my elders, or the maturity level of my cousins. I have never been around to see these people grow and change. I even met some of my relatives for the first time this trip! I now understand why some families like to stay within driving distance from one another. You miss the milestones of peoples lives when you can only see them every four years or so. I have the same distance between my family in the states, and we live in the same country! It becomes difficult to keep in touch when your lives are so separate. No amount of phone calls or facetimes can bridge that gap of physical distance. I am extremely thankful for the time I have gotten to spend with my family. These little visits are what matter most, they start and they maintain connections. Although things will continue to move forward while we are apart, everything picks up where it left off when I return. We will all change, but family will always be family. And I love each and everyone of mine unconditionally. 

My hope is that even though we may always be miles apart, I can always find a home here in England. I may miss the milestones of my families lives, but I am always there in spirit. And when we do come together again, those little missed moments will never change the connection I have to England and my family here. 


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