Who knew I was capable of time traveling?

Going back to what feels like seventy years ago, I have found myself in the small town of Les Touche-De-Périgny. Where morning sounds with the neighbors rooster, and the nights sky is filled to the brim with stars.  This is a place with no superstores, no gas stations, and no malls. The village consists of a boulangerie patisserie, which has only been here for about a year. A local baker sells fresh breads and cakes everyday out of this small shop. There is also a small school and town hall. Besides that, it is just small streets lined with concrete walls. 

Behind the walls you can find old French styled homes. With bright blue shutters over the windows and big metal gates at each driveway entrance. Backyards with fields of crop, and rows of trees. It seems as if every home has their own little farm.

This is a town where everyone knows everyone, and is friendly to each neighbor. Apparently the whole town knows I’m  visiting right now, I am “Freeman’s nièce.” The eighty year old woman down the road makes jam and growns potatoes. Just the other day she road her bike over to bring a couple jars of sweet jam, and a bag of fresh ‘pommes’ to my aunt and uncle. My uncle returned the favor by bringing over some homemade flapjacks and marmalade. It seems to me that every home here pulls their own weight for the greater good of the community. The streets are clean and the area is well preserved. Talk about buying locally, you can get everything you need from the people you share a village with. 

My uncles entire fridge holds almost nothing processed. No artificial sugars or high fructose corn syrup. There is fresh squeezed orange juice, homemade jam/jelly, rich butter, and meat slaughtered around the corner. It makes me really think about the corruption of Americas grocery stores. Not the France isn’t covered in sweets just like every country is. But it feels as if the French are not ignorant to how horrible that plastic wrapped food is. Instead they choose to eat less of the factory food and more of what they can find in their own backyards. I’m interested to see if other countries in the EU have picked up on this phenomenon…

I have enjoyed seeing this side of the country, definitely different than Paris! I could see myself buying a small house, a piece of land, and some vegetable seeds then disappearing here for a couple years. If you don’t hear from me by 2021…you’ll know where to find me. 


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