The day I have been waiting for, it is surreal…

So many goodbyes…which I am not a fan of. It isn’t goodbye, it is ‘see you later’. I am not falling off the face of the world people! Although I do feel the heartache of the separation from those I hold dearest. I sucked it up, made it through the back breaking hugs and thick falls of tears, and now I am off. 

What’s crazy (or rather amazing) is that everything fell into place, as it always does. At least it does when I have the required ambition and trust. For the past two weeks I have been shuffling around to try to get every bit and bob into place. Preparing for preparing is what I like to call it. The only thing left was acquiring my British passport. When I made plans to travel abroad, the first thing I looked into was getting my British citizenship (thank you dad for not removing that entitlement ). This would allow me to travel, work, and even live in Europe for as long as I would like. No visa required. It was a long and grooling process, with a lot of sending and re-sending of documents. Six months later and I am saying fairwell to my family and friends. With my 26 pound pack, my US passport, and no British citizenship. Now it wouldn’t be a problem to travel without my EU passport, but having it would make my journey a lot cheaper and a lot simpler. But alas, I had 10 minutes before we had to hit the road, and the mail had still yet to arrive. We had waited as long as we could but it was time to head to Boston.

With only minutes left there it was, a big bright Dhl delivery truck. My passport had arrived! 

Although this situation may seem so minuscule, it meant the world to me. It has set the tone for my entire trip. It has allowed me to appreciate my patience. I could have just said screw it, and left when we had planned to.  But waiting just thirty minutes has changed so much for me. It has also given me hope, and reminded me that the universe is never working against me. Life at times feels like nothing is going right, but this experience has helped me to see that I am alway right where I’m supposed to be. 

I can’t wait to experience more of these simple pleasures. 

Now, next stop London!


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